Sande Plywood: Why Use It For Light Construction Projects?

sande plywood

Plywood has come a long way after its first production in the start of the 20th century, as nowadays it is being utilized in various home improvement phases and carpentry projects. Back in the days, these products were only used as substitutes for solid wood, when the project contractors didn’t have the financial resources and budget to install real wooden structures. You might have heard about sande plywood, which is basically a new imported wood type in the market. Because of the absence of major voids or gaps in these wooden sheets, ​sande plywood is a perfect option for boat builders that require firm and sturdy boards over the dock.

What is Plywood?

It is an engineered wood product with fine finishing, which is mainly used for the manufacturing purpose of household furniture items and upholstery additions. Despite its sturdiness and durability, it is basically made from the combination couple of thin strands of wood veneers that are attached together with the help of a high-grade adhesive liquid. It is made from peelers, which are giant logs that naturally consist of a large radius and diameter.

The softer versions of this wood are made out of logs from natural tree types, such as pine or cedar. For sub-flooring and roof sheathing, these are highly sought after raw material among most contractors. The cross-grained engineering technique performed to glue different veneers together makes this wood highly rigid and strong.

Sande (Brosimum utile)

It is a type of plywood that originates from the tropical parts of South America – where it is grown in abundance because of the unique terrain and soil conditions. Most of its commercial products are imported from southern regions, such as Ecuador and Colombia. It has a distinct light-yellow color that turns into different related shades depending upon the soil type.

The typical interlocking technique of grains is also utilized to produce these plywood products, which is based on placing the grains of each adjacent sheet of wood perpendicular to each other rather than going parallel. This way, the protruding minuscule grains are interlocked with their counterparts of the neighboring sheet – which in turn promotes a strong cohesion in the final outcome.


Whether you want to leave it untreated or want to perform staining process, it is entirely dependent upon the type of finishing you want to achieve. Because of its easy availability in the tropical regions, it is not heavy on the wallet and contractors can perform the woodworking routines with minimal investment.

The grains of the board have the option of being widely or narrowly interlocked; depending upon the strength and rigidity of the raw material is required for cabinetry purpose. These air-dried sheets of wooden logs can vary in terms of their density, and you can increase their thickness by gluing together greater number of thin sheets.

Purposes of Sande Plywood

The unique wood properties allow ​sande plywood to be used for various purposes such as home furniture, small scale construction work, and molding. As ​sande plywood ​is made from undiluted phenolic resins, this gives ​sande plywood the property of retaining ​its dimensions and shape even after being exposed to a humid climate. Normally, a wooden sheet can start decomposing when it comes in contact with moisture consistently, but this pernicious influence is not seen on sande plywood. Many people living in areas with long rainfall and storm season worry about ending up with deteriorated wooden planks and structures towards the end of the rain season, but they can choose ​sande plywood to get away with all that hassle.

The glue, which is used as a cohesive material in the production of these veneer boards, has an ability of being submerged in water without losing its stickiness or cohesion. That is the reason, sande plywood boards are highly sought after for boat-building purpose, and they have a long lifespan. The non-marine counterparts of this type of plywood are not as dense as it is, and this is the reason they can get bent or twisted after being installed in a structure for some time period. Because of their waterproof features, you should definitely consider buying them if you want it to withstand adverse climate conditions.

Now that you are aware about its ability of blocking moisture and humidity from seeping into its veneer sheets, you can use it during your home renovation. The areas of your residential property that have higher chances of being affected by water, such as kitchen and bathroom, should have a sande plywood covering around the lower cabinets. This way, you would not have to worry about ending up with expanded or contracted wooden sheets that have absorbed substantial amount of water.

Impact Resistance

The outer covering of these wooden products is manufactured with tough and rigid material that can protect the softer inner layers from being affected by the signs of wear and tear. You cannot compare its quality of being robust with natural solid wood, such as cedar or teak, which has tightly-packed outer sheets. For the cheap price you pay to acquire these raw material, they have an extraordinary protective outer shied, and they are best options for long duration construction phases during which the scaffolding is kept erected for several months.

Aesthetically Appealing Finish

When it comes to investing in plywood, most individuals don’t have a perception of a find wooden product with handsome appearance, as they are paying noticeable small amount of money for it. Luckily, that is not the case with sande plywood, as they have numerous designs and patterns that can be perfect complements for your existing interior décor.

You can also have them painted to suit your personal preference for your home’s design, and keep making minor customizations to maintain high standard of aesthetics and sophistication. This professional-grade wooden product is suitable when you are revamping your kitchen area, which can be infused with fumes and gases. It would be able to last long once you install it in these areas of your property.

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