How to Remove Baseboards And Trims Without Damage

removing baseboard and trim without damage

Baseboards and trim can be difficult to remove if you don’t want to damage anything with your bulky hardware tools. Removing a Baseboard or a trim that is tightly wedged onto a wall will not only damage and tear off the wall paper and the paint but it is also highly unlikely to be able to remove it without damaging the baseboard itself. Therefore, if you plan to reuse it, you might not be able to.

If you are looking for a way to remove your baseboards and trims successfully without damaging them or the wall, you must be patient and look for the right tools which will help you execute this task perfectly. Here are a few tools and steps that you must keep in mind in order to protect your baseboards, trims and walls.

The tools you must have to get the work done:

  • Hammer
  • Utility Knives
  • Pencils
  • Cutter pliers
  • Goggles
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Flexible Edgwedge Pry Bars

Flexible Edgwedge pry bars will help you easily detach the baseboards and trims from the wall with their tough edges which are still very flexible. Unlike sharp knives and metal screw drivers, the pry bars allow easy back and forth sliding motion that will avoid any damage to the wall. The Edgwedge Pry bar set made in America is durable and of a high quality which can be filed for sharper edges and for use on all kinds of baseboards and trims.

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General Tools 815 EdgeWedge Flexible Pry Bar Tool Kit (3 Piece)
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General Tools 815 EdgeWedge Flexible Pry Bar Tool Kit (3 Piece)
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Steps to Help You Work With The Edgwedge Pry Bar Set

  • Use the utility knife to cut any caulk along the baseboard. Safely cut through the entire length of the baseboard in one go so that is easier for you to remove the baseboard later. In order to easily detach, make sure to not push hard and be patient through this process.
  • Now using your Pry bars, you can loosen up the baseboard from the wall. With a Pry bar of your choice, carefully place your pry bar at the back of the trim or the baseboard and loosen it while pulling it towards yourself and away from the back. A hammer might come in handy here where you can lightly hit at the edge of the pry bar to allow it to slide inside further and give you more leverage for pulling the baseboard out. Be careful and patient with your baseboard and it should be out in no time.
  • Choosing the perfect Pry bar :
  • The Edgewedge pry bar set includes 3 pry bars of different shapes, a long chisel, a short chisel and a mushroom shaped blade. You can choose from a variety of these three to work your way towards a baseboard and trim according to the space you have between them.
  • Once you have detached the entire length of the trim, you can now carefully pull it away from the back from one end.
  • Slowly rock the trim forwards and backwards while moving away from the wall to loosen it further. Patience is a key to execute this step well.
  • If you wish to re-install the baseboards at a later time, make sure to number the various pieces so that it allows you to re-install it without any hassle.
  • Remove each piece using the same method. You can choose from the three different Pry bar pieces for each board to easily detach it.
  • Run the Edgewedge long chiselled bar  on the wall to scrap of any extra adhesive from the wall to allow easily cleaning and renovations. If you wish to re-install the baseboards, remove them and store them safely. Otherwise, you can properly dispose them off or sell them whenever you want.  

Therefore, if you wish to easily remove baseboards and trims without damaging the paint or the dry walls, make sure that you invest into a set of the Edgwedge pry bars which will make your work easier for you. Whether you are a professional, an amateur or a beginner, there is nothing that you can’t do yourself with a little patience and practice.

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