The 7 Best Wood For Smoking Brisket ​2020

best wood for smoking brisket

You don’t need to worry any longer because we are here to rescue you! Briskets are expensive cuts of beef and it would be a bummer if you could not cook it to perfection to get all the tenderness and smoke flavor right. Cooking a brisket is a tricky task but with the right amount of seasoning and the perfect type of wood, you can make a dish that will make your mouth water just by its smoky and flavorsome scent! We have compiled a list of the best wood for smoking brisket in ​​2020.

Top 7 Best Wood For Smoking Brisket ​​2020

Buying Guide

If you are a beginner at cooking yet you love to eat, cooking and eating a perfectly cooked and juicy brisket must be a dream for you. To help you with the process, we will guide you in choosing wood for smoking brisket since that is the most important step. If you get this right, you are already halfway through the process.

The type of wood you choose will determine the time it takes and the flavor that your brisket has. You need to be extra careful in choosing the right wood to get the best results. We have compiled a few tips which you need to keep in mind while picking out the best wood for your brisket.

The Moisture of The Wood

One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the moisture of the wood. If a plank of wood is too moist, it will not burn easily and smoldering will lead to a release of a lot of impurities into the environment. This will affect the flavor and tenderness of your brisket. Some store-bought woods are pre-soaked in wine or beer and although they can improve the flavour of your brisket, they are a little pricey and must be handled with care. An easy way to check the moisture content of wood is to light it, if it burns easily that means its dry however, you can also use a moisture meter for more accurate results.

Size of The Wood

If you plan to use wood as the primary source of heat and smoke, it is better to use 10 to 12 inches of planks which can provide ample amount of heat and smoke without the need of replacing it constantly. However, if you plan to use coal or fuel as the primary source of heat, you can use wood in chunks for the smoke flavor that it will provide.

Bark or Bark-less Wood?

There are two major types of wood available. The wood can either be with barks or barkless. If you are picking the wood yourself, you may choose wood with bark as it is likely to be free of impurities whereas if the wood is store-bought, it is better to avoid wood with bark as it may contain chemicals and impurities that you might be unaware of.

Types of Wood

Numerous types of wood are available to be used for a brisket such as oak, apple, maple, pecan, etc. Each wood has its unique flavor and scent which can elevate your dish at different levels. It is also advisable to use a combination of woods so that your brisket may be more flavorsome and unique. Various types of wood are used for different meats such as maple for poultry and vegetables, Apple for poultry, beef, pork, seafood and lamb and walnut for red meat. Each wood comes with its flavor and way of cooking and you should explore all of these before making your choice.

Ideal Cooking Time

Each type of wood comes with its specifications of cooking time considering the size and amount of moisture in the planks. Each plank must be well examined before use to make sure that your brisket turns out to be perfect.

Mistakes to Avoid While Cooking Brisket With Any Type of Wood

Too Much or Too Little Wood

It is essential to be aware of the amount of wood that you should use. Too much wood will give an intense smoky flavor that might be close to bitterness whereas, too little wood will lead it to be bland with almost no smoky flavor. Make sure that the smoke is just enough and flows in a steady stream for the best taste.

Flammable Fluids

Flammable fluids such as gasoline might alter the flavor of your brisket, therefore, it is best to use minimum fuel and light the wood directly through a piece of paper.

Poor Quality Wood

The worst mistake you can make while cooking a brisket is to use poor quality wood. Recently cut wood is usually very moist with sap which can give a bitter flavor to the meat making it inedible, therefore, you must choose your wood wisely.

Moreover, whether you are a newbie or a professional chef, if you do the right things and choose high-quality products, your brisket can never go wrong. Practicing will help your expertise but you must opt for the right materials from the very beginning. Therefore, after reading this buying guide, you are informed about the factors that you must consider while buying the wood for your brisket as well as a few common mistakes that you must avoid under every circumstance to get the most flavor out of your meat. There is nothing worse than badly cooked meat, especially if you put in a lot of time and effort in preparing it. To get the best results, make sure that you stock up on plenty of wood and fuel so that you can cook uninterrupted and put your heart and soul into cooking a masterpiece. Keeping all of these tips in mind, you can become a Masterchef in no time.

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