The 7 Best Wood For Outdoor Bench in ​2020

best wood for outdoor bench

It is almost time for spring and that means it is time to head outdoors to enjoy the crisp, fresh air while sipping a cup of tea with your family and friends out in your back yard or front porch. It is also the time of the year when you want to re-decorate your backyard with benches, swings, and tables so that you can plan a perfect get together with bbq and good music to cherish the weather. However, shopping for outdoor furniture is not easy and if you are looking for the best wood for outdoor bench in ​​2020, we have got you covered.

Top 7 Best Wood For Outdoor Bench in ​​2020

Buying Guide

If you are a newbie in buying furniture and have no clue about the different kinds of ​wood for outdoor furniture, we are here to guide you through it with our informative buying guide that can help you look for the best features of wood that suit your requirements and will be perfect for the type of furniture you are looking for. We have compiled a few core features that you must look out for while choosing the type of wood you need to use.

Best Quality

While looking for a wooden bench, the quality of the wood must be your priority as the wood can either make or break your bench. Using a high-quality ​wood for outdoor furniture might be pricey at first but it will be a lifetime investment that will last your years before you need a replacement. The best wood that you can find must be made with center-cut heartwood lumber that has consistent grain. This is a tip that will work for all kinds of wood that you build your furniture with.


The strength of the wood will determine the strength of your bench and you don’t want your bench to break too easily, do you? Choosing a wood which has strength is essential as due to the outdoor humidity, wood tends to become soft and sags but if you choose a high-quality wood with a protective polish, it can last you years.


Always make sure that the moisture content in your wood is minimal. Whereas too dry wood will snap apart easily, you should choose the wood that is appropriately moist so that it retains its shape without disfiguring easily. Moist woods are also prone to the growth of mold and fungus which you will want to avoid at all costs.


The color of the wood is also something that most people consider to be a priority especially when they want to match their benches with the rest of the outdoor furniture. Therefore, while looking for wood, each type has a different characteristic color, you can choose the best quality plank in the type and color of wood that you are looking for.


Each wood has a different finish with the must-have protective coating therefore if you are looking for a specific finish, you might want to add that to your checklist. If you are looking for a more casual and sporty look, woods with a rough finish are better whereas if you want a neat finish, a coat of luster will be great!


Another feature that you must consider is the price of the wood. Since this is an outdoor bench, it will definitely be out in the sun throughout the day, therefore, it is bound to get sun-bleached in a few days and a few years, it will have to be replaced, therefore, chose a wood that is not too hefty on your pockets and one that will not crush your heart if you have to replace it in a few days time.

Paint or No Paint?

If you prefer to have colorful benches to brighten up the aura of your backyard, you should choose the wood that does not have a significant color of its own. That way you can save a lot of money because woods like these are cheaper but strong and good enough for use. However, if you do not want to paint and want to stick to the natural color of wood, you might want to spend a little more and choose the wood that has a beautiful natural color to it.


The density of wood is a crucial factor in determining the strength and weight of the bench that you will make or buy. The density determines the quality of timber and the moisture that the wood can contain. It plays a crucial role in the ability of compression, therefore, you must look for a dense plank of wood that will maintain its shape and strength for a long time.

Swelling And Shrinkage

The two factors of swelling and shrinkage can be undermining for wooden furniture. If the wood swells up, that means its contains too much moisture and will become soft and lose its density and strength whereas, if the wood shrinks, that means it has lost a lot of moisture due to dryness and therefore it will lose its shape and break easily, therefore, it is always important to use high-quality wood topped up with a water-resistant coating so that it protects the wood from swelling or shrinking.

Therefore, as a conclusion, matters concerning wooden furniture can be tricky as it is usually a once in a lifetime-buy however, outdoor furniture might have to be replaced from time to time if not taken care of properly. It is always best to choose the wood that has been tried and tested before and to take all protective measures that can keep your furniture safe and sound for a long time. Redecorating and choosing the right furniture for indoors and outdoors can brighten up your house and make you feel refreshed just like a vacation does to your mind.



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