The 7 Best Plasma Cutter For Auto Body in ​2020

best plasma cutter for auto body

Ever since plasma cutters have been introduced, other conventional ways of ​ cutting metal such as welding and grinding have been diminished.  It is now time to work efficiently with the latest technology. You don’t have to go through agonizing periods of loud grinding noises as well as a messy workplace with inaccurate cuts. Instead, you can now use a plasma cutter that cuts through metal like butter! We have, therefore, made things easy for you by compiling a list of the ​best ​plasma ​cutter for ​auto ​body in ​​2020.

#1 Hypertherm Powermax45 XP

We have included this plasma cutter on our list because of its drag-cutting technology. Touching the tip to the surface can create a compromise on cut quality. On the contrary, the drag cut ensures a precise cut through even the most stubborn metals such as those used in an auto body. Despite being a 16 mm cutting system, the Hypotherm hand system is quite portable due to its light-weightiness and smaller size. This makes it very easy to use, even for first-timers or the novice.

You do not have to hassle over correcting the air pressure as the cutter is equipped with Smart Sense technology that does the job for you. As compared to an oxyfuel, this cutter cuts 1.5 times faster, letting you get done with work faster. Not only is its speed remarkable but the final cut is also proper, in no need of very minimum grinding. Weld preparation becomes quite simple with this plasma cutter as it lets you cut metals of different thicknesses to ultimate precision.


  • Has Smart Sense Technology for monitoring air pressure
  • Is portable and lightweight
  • Is 1.5 time speedier than oxyfuel
  • Provides ease of welding
  • Gives a refined cut
  • Final cuts require minimal grinding


  • Expensive as compared to similar products

If you are looking for a cutter that does a comparatively better job than oxyfuel, then this Hobart plasma cutter is an ideal pick. It has a maximum plasma cutting range of 7/8 for mild steel. Owing to the Auto-Refire technology, this cutter lets you cut through perforated, coated, expanded and painted materials. Basically, you can cut through any material smoothly.

The machine works at a 240V input. It is equipped with energy-saving technology so that fan only operates when it is required, minimizing energy consumption and dust production. Since it weighs only 30 lbs., it can be easily transported for industrial and domestic tasks. It works with a power of 40 amps, which can be adjusted using the knob on the front of the cutter. Moreover, there is no need for gas as the machine connects to an air compressor. To learn the usage of this cutter, you can download MSDS and User manual from the manufacturer’s store.


  • Can cut through expanded and painted material
  • Is extremely smooth in its working
  • The amperage can be adjusted
  • Single-knob design provides ease of use
  • Is accompanies with a user manual, CAD models and MSDS


  • None

The Miller Electric plasma cutter made it to our list of best plasma cutters as it is made exclusively for metal cutting. Its heavy-duty cycle and 5/8 cutting capacity make it an ideal plasma cutter for autobody. and  It requires an input voltage of 120/240 Volts and is ideal for metal cutting. The cutter comes with a power cord, a Quick-connect clamp and 240/120V adaptor. This plasma cutter leaves no need for post-cutting refining as it gives a clean cut.

Furthermore, the plasma cutter is small in size with a rated output of 40 A and Input of 12/27 A. Since it is an inverter design plasma cutter, the voltage is properly regulated, giving you no inconvenience while working. Even if you are working with it for the first time, you will find the controls very easy to comprehend.


  • Comes with a User Instruction manual, X-case and Quick Connect Clamp
  • Inverter design
  • Extremely precise in its actions
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Is easy to work with


  • Is slightly pricey
  • The molded case is thick and beefy

#4 Ramsond CUT 50DX

As a beginner, you might want to get your hands on a budget-friendly plasma cutter. This Ramsond cutter is exactly what you need as it is automatic and has a dual voltage of 110/220V. Moreover, the dual-frequency of 50/60 Hz increases the cutter’s range of usage. The digital display shows you the current in Amps. Similarly, there is a display for the pressure gauge too.

This plasma cutter allows you to cut a max severance thickness of 1-inch maximum. Cut up to 3/ 4 inch with the 60% duty cycle of this plasma cutter. It allows you to cut multiple materials such as aluminum, brass, alloy, stainless steel and many more. The cutter is fitted with German cooling Technology and the high-efficiency inverter technology developed by TOSHIBA. The combination of these two features lets the cutter work to its full potential, without distorting the material or requiring a high heat input.


  • Has a high-quality cooling system
  • Does not require a high heat input
  • Gives a precise, undistorted cut
  • The handle can be folded
  • Can cut through multiple materials without distorting them


  • Not very reliable
  • Is not long-lasting

#5 PrimeWeld CUT50D

This plasma cutter is suitable for home and industry usage as it lets you cut a severance thickness of 1/ 2 inches. Working with 50 Amps, the cutter makes precise cuts in stainless steel, copper, alloy steel and almost any material that you can think of. Since there is a 110/220 V diversity, you no longer have to worry about a shortage of power outlets. Furthermore, it is portable in a real sense, being small in size and very lightweight.

It has been made by professionals in the industry, who are masters of their trade. The product comes with a 3-year warranty so you can fully trust the manufacturers. Fitted with MOSFET transistors, this plasma cutter cuts in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses at 50/60 Hz of power, with two voltage settings. The package includes a plasma cutting torch, air regulator, 4 clamps, 2 plasma cutter tips and 2 couplers.


  • Can run on two different voltages
  • Is ideal for industry and domestic usage
  • Can cut various materials, sizes and shapes
  • Value for money


  • Cutting gets a little tougher with an increase in thickness

If you are someone who values ease and precision, then the Lotos plasma cutter will delight you with its 1/2’’ clean cut. It gives a max cut of 1/2’’ and a Severance thickness of 3/4’’. It is quite compact inside and has a handle that lets you carry it around. No matter which material you are cutting, the cutter only uses compressed air, which is not at all hazardous to you or others in your workspace. The Pilot arc torch lets you cut even the toughest and rustiest of the surface.

You can get a refined cut with minimum slag. Since you will not be cutting the tip to the material, the life expectancy of the cutter gets higher. Furthermore, it comes with dual voltage capability which means that it can run on 220V or 110V with 50.60Hz of power. It works with a 60% duty cycle at 50 A with an output current of 10 to 50 A.


  • Gives a refined cut with minimum slag
  • Comes with a power supply, filter, ground clamp and consumables
  • Using compressible air, as a safer option
  • Can cut through copper, aluminum, alloy steel and stainless steel


  • Not exactly high quality
  • Faulty units

Made with Pro technology, this plasma cutter has a high duty cycle which gives the results without high power consumption. This also increases efficiency as the machine does not operate at a high temperature. Its robust construction makes it suitable for industrial usage too. The DC output and pressure are displayed on the digital displays.

You would not find a safer unit than this as it is equipped with protection from high voltage, low voltage, shortage of compressed air, over-pressurizing and overheating. Basically, you can rule out the possibility of any undesirable incident even when working with bigger surfaces like that of a car. This is why it has found a place on our list of plasma cutters for autobody.  It works with a max input of 50 Amp at 110 V. The cooling fan dissipates heat to increase the efficiency of the cutter. You can cut 1/2 inches of steep easily 1.8 times quicker than any flame cutter. Since it uses a pilot-arc cutting system, you will get a slag-free and clean-cut in each go.


  • Allows you to make clean cuts through metals
  • Works 1.8 times faster as compared to a flame cutter
  • Comes with a mask for protection
  • Lightweight at 22 lbs. yet very efficient


  • Does not have dual voltage capability

This tool is composed of an ionized gas torch that heats up and cuts through electrically conductive metal to make accurate divisions.  However, finding the best plasma cutter can be a challenge if you do not have enough knowledge about its technology or the way it works. While looking for the best Plasma Cutter, here are a few features that you must look out for in order to choose the best product for your professional use or as a hobby.  

Here Are a Few Must-Have Features For Your Plasma Cutter

#1 Easy to Operate

It is immensely important for your device to be easy to operate so that you can easily handle it even if you are a hobbyist, a newbie or even a professional. If using the cutter is easy, you will be able to get a hang of it faster and try various different techniques of cutting metal.

#2 Portable

Another feature that you must look out for in ​plasma cutters is ​portability.  It is a lot easier to work with a device that you can easily move around from one place to another. A longer lead will also make it easier to move around.

#3 Fast Cutting Speed

Make sure your device has a rapid plasma cutting ability which will allow the metal to be cut swiftly and in one go! The faster the torch heats up, the more precise the cut will be.

#4 Lightweight

The lighter your cutter is, the easier it is for you to move it around while working. Especially if you are working on a car’s auto body, you will need to move it around a lot to get the ​clean cut.

#5 Precise And Versatile Torches

It is best to look for plasma cutters that have a torch that provides versatility and precision. For professional use, you might need different types of torch heads for different purposes such as a shield, retaining cap, nozzle, and a swirl ring

#6 Exhaust Units

Due to all the heat generated in the torch, there needs to be an effective exhaust output that will efficiently take care of the waste heat generated.

#7 Affordable

It is best to buy plasma cutters which are affordable but of high quality as it is a lifetime investment which you will probably buy once. It might also lead to high running costs so it is ideal to try and cut down on the initial investment.

#8 Durable And High Quality

Make sure that the Plasma cutter you choose is durable and high quality. While buying mechanical instruments, you should never compromise on its quality just for a minor price concession.

#9 High Performing Plasma Torch

The plasma torch is the primary aspect of the device. You must make sure that the torch is highly efficient and powerful so that it can make accurate and precise cuts.

#10 Cutting Width Suitable For Heavy Power Use

Having one device with various plasma cutting depths will make your life extremely easier. ​Plasma ​cutters with high power and a greater plasma cutting depth will allow you to cut through metals of various thicknesses.

#11 Range of Power Availability

The range of power can determine the type and thickness of metal that can be cut using a plasma cutter.

#12 Eco-Friendly

In this time of global warming, we should always make conscious decisions to look for eco-friendly ​plasma cutters instead of others. Choose a plasma cutter which minimizes the release of toxic gases due to the intense heat.

#13 Good Heat Dissipation Features

There is a lot of heat generated in a plasma cutter in order to heat up the metal. If your plasma cutter has good heat dissipation features and a cooling system, you can work for longer hours with greater accuracy.

#14 Suitable For All Kinds of Metals

As a professional or even a hobbyist, you are most likely to work with different kinds of metals. It is a blessing if the same plasma cutter can work for a range of metals in your use.

By going through the must-have features above, you are now ready to look for the best plasma cutter in the market with features suitable to the type of work that you do. However, there are still a few features that you need to look out for. These are the features that you must not have in ​plasma cutters.

Despite being a technological advancement in the world of metal works, the plasma cutter also has a few setbacks. It does not work on any non-conductive materials, therefore, it cant cut through plastics and wood as the heat conducted can be damaging to non-conductive materials. It is usually pricey hence it is considered to be a large one-time investment often bought by professionals.

If you need a machine to use regularly, it is best to invest in a high-quality plasma cutter that has a longer lifespan and warranty instead of a cheaper cutter which will not provide enough accuracy and precision in your cuts.

As a conclusion, after going through this buying guide, you must be well trained to pick out the best Plasma Cutter that is available in the market without any difficulty.  Last but not least, while buying a plasma cutter, make sure that you look for a plasma cutter with a state of the art technology which is of high quality, durability, user-friendly and affordable.

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