The 7 Best Moisture Meter For Home Inspectors in ​2020

moisture meters for home inspectors

Moisture can become a hassle for you if it goes undetected and leads to the growth of fungus and molds in your floorboards and walls. What would you do to avoid such a situation? It is said that prevention is better than cure and we completely agree. Replacing floorboards and walls is not an easy task and it can be hefty on your pockets as well. ​If you are living in a city that has high humidity or if your house has a poor ventilation system, it is better for you to invest in and use a moisture meter so that you can stay one step ahead of all your worries.

Top 7 ​Moisture Meters For Home Inspectors in ​​2020

Buying Guide

If you are a newbie who does not have much knowledge about ​moisture content and moisture meters, we are here to help you. Apart from homeowners, workers such as contractors, architects, and house inspectors are in dire need of this product to ensure the quality of wood, drywall, and concrete that a house has. Whether you are a professional, a homeowner or a DIY enthusiast, this is a must-have device for you. We have researched through the market and compiled a list of the core features which you must look out for when investing in moisture meters.


Look for moisture meters that can detect ​moisture content till a high range of at least 1 inch deep. Moisture meters which are unable to detect ​moisture content in greater depths can work for homeowners but they are not worth it for the professionals


Make sure that the price of your moisture meter is not too hefty on your pockets. Decide a budget while you look for a moisture meter that contains all the necessary features that you require based on the type of work that you do. Some understated brands have much lower prices for the same quality and features as famous brands that are too pricey.

Durability And Quality

Make sure that your moisture meter is durable and made of high-quality materials as it is an essential tool for house inspectors and contractors. A durable battery will allow the meter to work for a longer time instead of running out in a couple of months.


A moisture meter with too many modes and buttons will be overwhelming for beginners and might confuse you while you try to work on several different surfaces. Make sure that the moisture meter you choose has the basic and most essential features that will make your work easier.


Accuracy is one of the most major features of a moisture meter. If the readings you collect are not accurate, the moisture meter is not worth investing in. To make sure that your readings are accurate, you must take multiple readings from different spots on the surface to compare and record.


A moisture meter can work on several different surfaces such as wood, concrete, drywall, and fabric. Different kinds of moisture meters available are suitable for different surfaces and you must look for the one that is suitable for use.

Pin or Pin-less?

Do you prefer a moisture meter with pins or should it be ​a pinless moisture meter? Both have their pros and cons however, a meter with pins has to be inserted into the object for an accurate reading, therefore, it is possible that the material might be damaged. The ​moisture content between the pins allow a small current to pass through and the ​moisture content is calculated as a resistance to the current between the pins. Moreover, a pin-less meter detects moisture level through the conduction of current by electromagnetic rays. A meter with pins must be used to take multiple readings throughout the surface for a more accurate result while a pin-less meter can give accurate readings in one go.


Some ​moisture meters are more advanced and provide both features, with pins and without therefore these ​moisture meters are more suitable for professionals who work on different surfaces. Even though this will be a little more pricey, it is definitely worth the buy as it increases accuracy and feasibility with one device only.

LED Display

The LED display is the most important feature of a moisture meter which needs to be easily understandable and user-friendly. A backlit LED display will allow the user to use the meter even in low lit conditions therefore, a clear and large display is a must for every meter.

Resistant to Water And Dust

Considering the fact that this is a hardware tool that will mostly be used in construction sites, it is very important for the moisture meter to be resistant to water and dust so that the pins and their readings do not show any inaccuracy even after long term use.


Last but not the least, it is immensely important to look for a meter that has a long-term warranty of a few years so that in case there is a problem with the meter, it can be covered in the warranty without any hassle. If the warranty does not cover it, there are chances that you will need to buy a new one.

 As a conclusion, a moisture meter is a must-have gadget for home inspectors and construction workers therefore, you must think wisely before investing in one. Look out for the features mentioned above and consider the requirements that you have. Even if you are a newbie who does not know the function of a moisture meter, after reading the buying guide above, you are ready to buy a moisture meter for yourself. Make sure to look for a moisture meter which is durable, reasonably priced and has a long term warranty so that you can save yourself from the hassle of renovating your house due to unwanted moisture and molds.

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