The 7 Best Digital Caliper Under $100 in ​2020

best digital calipers

A digital caliper is an essential tool when it comes to mathematics or physics in high school and for accurate measurements in real life. Workers who require a digital caliper for their work are very precise in their measurements with no room for errors. A digital caliper is an important tool that makes life easier for product designers, physicists, and mathematicians since it can measure even the smallest distances with great accuracy and precision. Therefore, if you are looking for the best digital calipers ​in ​​2020, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best ​digital calipers along with several features that you must look out for in your ​digital calipers before making the purchase.

Top 7 ​Digital Calipers Under $100 in ​​2020

Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0 - 6 Inches | Inch/Fractions/Millimeter Conversion,Silver/Black
VERSATILITY: measure inside, outside, depth and step with two sets of jaws and the probe; EASY READ VISIBILITY: extra large LCD screen for easy and clear reading
Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0 - 6 Inches | Inch/Fractions/Millimeter Conversion,Silver/Black
VERSATILITY: measure inside, outside, depth and step with two sets of jaws and the probe; EASY READ VISIBILITY: extra large LCD screen for easy and clear reading

Buying Guide

If you have no idea about digital tools, we are here to help you with their basic functions and features. A digital caliper is always used instead of a ruler when precise measurements are required as a ruler is very vague and does not provide measurements smaller than a millimeter. Rulers also usually show inaccuracy due to zero error which might be a manufacturing fault. In most cases, these measurement range errors can cause great disturbances, therefore, a digital caliper is preferred for much accurate work. A caliper is capable of measuring lengths, depths, and the inside and outside diameters of any space. Despite, the features it is immensely important for your ​digital calipers to reasonably price, therefore, we have compiled a list of digital calipers under $100 so that it is easily affordable by everyone.


Affordability is a major factor that should concern your choice. A digital caliper is a tool used to aid your measurements, therefore, it is very handy but it should also be within your budget. If you are a beginner who does not have much experience of using a digital caliper, it is much better to buy a cheaper alternative that has the major features so that you can have a hands-on experience to see if you understand it well before investing into it.

Accuracy And Precision

The main reason why you must buy a digital caliper is its accuracy and precision which you will not get from any other tool. Without any zero error, the ​LCD display will show you the exact measurements in no time!


Make sure that your digital caliper is durable and made of stainless steel body. A stainless steel exterior will allow you to use your ​digital calipers for a much longer period. Such tools are often used in hardware projects therefore, a stainless steel exterior will be easier to clean and keep your ​dial calipers protected.

LED Display

The greatest advantage of a digital caliper is its LED display. Unlike a regular vernier caliper, a digital caliper will provide you with the measurements within seconds without you having to calculate anything at all manually. The only thing that you must make sure is to eliminate any zero errors that might occur, although it is highly unlikely with digital displays. You might even want to look for a L​CD screen that provides a larger LCD display so that it is easily readable even in low lit conditions.

Caliper Jaws

The Digital caliper has 2 pair of jaws and a ​depth and step gauge at the bottom. Out of the jaws, one is movable whereas the other is fixed. The larger jaws are used to measure the outer diameters of objects whereas the smaller jaws are used to easer inner diameters. The ​depth and step gauge is at the lower end of the caliper and is used to measure the depth of an object. Make sure that these jaws are exactly in line with your object for accurate measurements since a caliper can measure distances as small as 0.001 mm.


Since you are looking for a digital caliper, it is understood that it will run on battery since it is cordless. The battery of a caliper is essential and it must be your number one priority to choose a caliper that has a durable and long-lasting, rechargeable battery so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on batteries later on.

Easy of Operation

The main reason these digital tools are made is to reduce efforts and work for the worker, therefore, the digital calliper needs to be easy to use and understand. If the caliper is very advanced with several features, it can be overwhelming for beginners and amateurs. Make sure that the caliper you buy is easy to read and operate so that everyone can use it for their work.


The lengths of a digital caliper are very important for the type of measurements that the worker has to make. Ideally, a caliper of 4 to 12 inches is sufficient for us, however, for builders and construction workers, ​digital calipers of 24- 48 inches are also available depending on the course of their work and for professional use.


Just like every other electrical appliance and tools, make sure that the digital caliper you pick has a longterm warranty so that in case any problem occurs and it needs a repair or a replacement, it can be covered by your warranty instead of needing a new one.

Resistant to Oil, Water, And Dirt

Lastly, make sure that along with a durable stainless steel exterior, your digital caliper is also resistant to oil, water, and dirt so that you can use it in messy conditions as well while working on hardware and construction projects without worrying about messing up the digital caliper or its sensors.

As a conclusion, we have stated all the must-have features above that you should look into before buying a digital caliper. A digital caliper is a smart-spend for people who spend a lot of time in measuring their projects. A digital caliper is accurate as well as precise and can give you readings in a second without wasting any time.

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