The 7 Best Cordless Drill For RV Jacks in ​2020

best cordless drill for rv jacks

We have all experienced a moment in life when we had to fit a jack under our cars in order to remove a punctured tyre or to lift the car up from one side so that someone could inspect the car from underneath. However if you have ever been on road trips or camping, you must have noticed an RV jack underneath trailers to prevent lateral or vertical movement while camping. Have you ever wondered how these RV jacks are installed and what tools do we need? Don’t worry because we have the best cordless drill for RV jacks in ​​2020 lined up for you. A drill is the most important tool you need to assemble and dislodge an RV jack. It is an all-in-one tool with different drill bits which will allow you to work easily and without any hassle.


The DCK240C2 is a light and ergonomic cordless drill that feels great in the hands. You can use it without having to worry about your arm getting tired. The drill has an LED in it as well to help with visibility. You get a variety of accessories with the drill as well. Including a battery charger, 2 batteries, and a kit bag as well. The bit loading mechanism is designed for easy operation. You can load it with only one hand. The entire drill is powered by a 300W motor. This makes it more than capable for a wide range of work.


  • The drill is lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • You get 2 batteries with the machine. This lets you continue using the drill even when on battery is depleted.
  • You get plenty of accessories with the drill, including a kit bag.


  • The drill has a hard time holding drill bits. It loosens up very quickly.
  • Despite there being 2 batteries, the drill runs out of power very quickly.

This drill is powered by a brushless motor that is capable of being 57% more powerful than a regular brushed motor. This allows the drill to have plenty of power without becoming power hungry. Power management is important when it comes to cordless drill. The last thing you want is a drill that dies after a few minutes of use.

This drill kit has a 20 Volt brushless drill and also a 20 Volt impact driver. Both of these tools have ergonomic grips and are quite lightweight. Their design makes them great for using in small and tight spaces. The drill has LED lights on its front that improve your visibility when you’re working in dark areas.


  • These tools are well built and can take plenty of damage.
  • The batteries are really long lasting.
  • This combo gives you two tools and a kit bag as well.


  • The batteries have a short overall lifespan.

This versatile cordless drill works great on soft and hard materials. Its clutch has 11 different positions that allow for precise drilling in a variety of conditions. The drill can also be used for driving in screw drivers. You get a single lithium ion battery that powers this machine and a charger for recharging the battery. Along with this, you also get a double ended bit. A great thing about this drill is the fact that it has variable speeds. This makes countersinking easier and without the risk of damaging whatever material you’re working with.


  • This drill is powerful and versatile. It gives you adjustability that lets you optimize its performance in different situations.
  • It can be used for drilling and for screwing.
  • The clutch has 11 different clutch positions.
  • You can adjust the drill’s speed as well.


  • The drill’s chuck is prone to becoming loose.
  • The drill isn’t suitable for heavy drilling work. Its motor lacks the power for that.
  • It tends to overheat quickly.
  • It has a brushed motor

This lightweight and small drill is powered by a brushless motor. This allows the drill to run faster on lesser energy. The drill has 2 lithium ion batteries that you can swap between in order to further increase its run time. The drill has LED lights as well that make using it in the dark easy. Along with 2 batteries, you get a battery charger and a kit bag with the drill.


  • Its brushless motor makes the drill more efficient.
  • The drill’s batteries are quite powerful.
  • The drill offers decent power and is quite lightweight.


  • The drill’s chuck has a hard time remaining tight.

This Black & Decker drill comes with over 30 different accessories that you can use with it. This makes it an incredibly versatile drill/screw machine. It is suitable for working on metal, wood, and plastic materials. The drill has an impressive battery that can hold a charge for up to 18 months. You don’t have to worry about recharging the drill whenever you take it out for use. You also get a charger for keeping the battery full of juice.

The cordless drill can produce an impressive 650 RPM, making it powerful enough for most kinds of work. And its clutch has 24 positions for you to choose from.


  • The drill feels torquey and powerful when you’re using it.
  • Its battery can last for quite a while. You don’t have to worry about the machine dying on you in the middle of a project.
  • Its wide assortment of drill bits and accessories makes the machine quite versatile.


  • The drill is powerful, but it isn’t made for heavy duty drilling work.
  • Th included drill bits aren’t made of steel. They won’t really last for long because of this.

#6 KIMO Cordless Drill Driver

This cordless drill by KIMO has a battery that will not die on you for at least 1000 charge cycles. Apart from having a reliable battery, this drill has a number of other great features as well. It has a 23 clutch system and 2 variable speeds to choose from. All of this makes for an incredibly versatile tool. You can fine tune the drill for whatever kind of work you need to do around your house. The drill has a copper motor that provides great power and is energy efficient as well.

The drill’s compact body allows you to work in even the most cramped spaces. Also, the drill has LED lights on the front for illuminating your workspace. You also get an assortment of accessories to use with this machine. The drill comes with 46 high quality accessories.


  • The machine can operate at 350 RPM and 1350 RPM. It has a powerful motor that makes it suitable for drilling through hard materials.
  • Its copper motor is energy efficient. This drill can work much longer before it begins to overheat.
  • Its clutch settings are simple and intuitive.
  • The drill offers a lot of value for a decent price.


  • The provided bag is not of the best quality.

Not only is this a handy drill, it can even double as a charger for your phone. The drill’s battery has a USB port that you can use to charge other devices as well. The battery pack even has a real time battery capacity indictor. Its clutch has 15+1 positions, making the drill quite versatile. You can fine tune its power output based on what you want to work on. The drill’s body is quite compact and lightweight. It has an integrated LED light as well.

The drill’s motor is capable of running at 550 RPM and has a brake function for quick and precise stops.  The drill comes with 20 different accessories as well.


  • The drills brake functions make it really precise. Its bit stops spinning the moment you release its trigger.
  • The battery has a battery level indicator and a USB output port as well.
  • Its precision makes it ideal for projects around the home.


  • The provided accessories are of poor quality.
  • Its motor heats up quickly.

Buying Guide

If you are in search of a good cordless drill, we have got you covered by researching the market thoroughly. We have compiled a list of must-have features that you must look out for while searching for the perfect drill that you need.


Portability is a major factor for a cordless drill as it is meant to be easy to move around without being held back by a cord, therefore, look for a drill that is compact and easily portable from one place to another. 


Make  sure that you search through the markets for a drill that is pocket-friendly, specially if you’re a hobbyist or a newbie who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about drills.


One of the most important features for the cordless drill is to be lightweight. Being lightweight will help you work for prolonged hours and allow you to handle the drill single-handedly with relief to your arms.

Durable And High Quality

It is immensely important for hardware tools to be durable and sturdy. Drills with an exterior covered with rubber provides more resistance to vibrations and ensures a better grip.

Fast Speed

High powered drills will allow you to create holes and place screws without any hassle or mess being created. Fast speed is a major aspect that will help you work efficiently and on various different surfaces.

Compact Design

The drill you are planning to purchase must be sleek and not very bulky as you will need to carry it around and work with it for prolonged hours.  A compact design will also allow you to have all the buttons in the range of your fingers therefore, making it easier for you to hold and manoeuvre your hands over the surface.

High Powered Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are much better as compared to Cadmium-Nickel batteries due to their efficiency and long-lasting ability. With a Lithium-ion battery you can work for approximately two hours straight without having to change your batteries. However, having two or more rechargeable batteries will help you work without any inconvenience for prolonged periods.


Apart from mobility, the torque of the equipment is also crucial as you will need to work at different angles and heights as you work on a project, therefore, you must look out for a well-designed drill that allows you to work on your full potential. The torque ability can determine the turning force and strength of a drill.

Additional Accessories And Drill Bits

Look for a drill machine which provides you with additional accessories and drill bits so that you can widen the range of the type of work that you can do. Using different drill bits with a single drill machine will help you to do a range of work that you previously needed different tools for.  

Handles And Clutches

A drill with an easy to grip handle is a must to ensure safety of the user. Drill with a rubber covering allows extra grip and strength to prevent the drill from slipping from the users hands. Make sure that the drill of your choice is designed in a way to allow a firm grip with easy access to the clutches so that you can have full control over your drill while working. 

Easy to Carry Bag

Make sure that your drill comes with a bag that can hold all the additional accessories that are provided with it. This way you can keep all your essential accessories and extra batteries in one place without losing them and it is super easy to take on the go!

Built-in Batteries

A built-in battery is not considered to be an ideal choice as once it runs out, the entire drill machine will be of no use. It is much better to have removable and rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries which can last much longer without a need to replace them. Multiple batteries can be charged so that you can work for prolonged hours without a hassle.

LED Work Light

An LED work light can do wonders for you if you ever need to work in low light conditions. A tiny LED light present on the bottom of your drill can keep you more directed and focused instead of having to carry another light for your work. Make sure that the button for the light is well within your reach while gripping the handle.


Lastly, it is immensely important for you to look for a cordless drill that has a long term warranty so that in case your drill needs a repair or replacement, you can always get it fixed under warranty without having to buy a new one each time.

These are a few features which you must look out for while buying a cordless drill for ​stabilizer jacks while you are travelling or planning to! It is very handy and helps you do most of your work, hassle-free with just one gadget.

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