BCX Plywood

BCX plywood

Plywood is a material manufactured from thin sheets of veneer glued together using an Adhesive. If you have ever been for plywood shopping you would know that there are different kinds of plywood available in the market. In order to differentiate, each type has been designated a three letter code. Therefore, before buying plywood, you must understand its nomenclature. The first letter of the code is for the front side, while the second is for the back and the third letter tells us if the plywood is for interior or exterior use. In this article we will talk about BCX plywood in particular.

Plywood whose code starts with the letter “A” indicates the highest quality level. It is mostly defect-free or whatever imperfections it had have been covered up. This type of plywood is usually used for polished projects. BCX plywood is typically made up of sheets that couldn’t make it for the “A” grade plywood. You might come across more knots and splits in the face of BCX Plywood. Nevertheless, it still has a smooth front face.

A lot people prefer buying BCX plywood because, while it does have a nice veneer on one side, the other side can be used for general construction thus, not only does it get two jobs done but at the same time reduces wastage.

A Closer Look at BCX Plywood

BCX Plywood is best suited for projects that require a smooth finish on one side and a textured one on the other. Since the finished surface of the BCX Plywood is just beneath the cabinet grade, it is easier to paint it or finish it like you want to. One of the great things about this plywood is that it comes in a lot of sizes so it can be used for different building projects. Some of the most common sizes include ¾ inches, 5/8 inches and ½ inches in thickness.

BCX plywood also comes in a variety of different species of hard and soft wood for example: Birch, Cherry, oak, walnut and many more. Therefore, you have a lot of options to choose from and each time you’re working on a project, you can try a different type of BCX Plywood. Use a coat of urethane to finish off your project, it will not only act as a binder and increase durability but also give off a glossy look. Many people in search of cheap plywood end up using CCX or CDX plywood. While BCX Plywood is expensive compared to the other two, it is made up of a much nicer quality of wood and no doubt makes an aesthetic difference to your project.

Using BCX Plywood For Subfloors

In the recent years, BCX Plywood is being used at construction homes for subflooring. A few house owners wish to have a high quality sturdy wooden subfloor while most owners don’t wish to keep the plywood visible. In most cases the plywood is usually covered up using a carpet, hardwood floors or vinyl. Thus, not a lot of house owners are looking to spend big bucks on Plywood floors.

Unless you’re ready to spend a lot on your indoor subfloors, BCX Plywood is not the right option for you. They are quite expensive compared to C or D quality plywood and are eventually to be covered up. So if you’re looking to keep things practical, go for low grade plywood. However, if you wish to use plywood for an outdoor shed, you might want to use the BCX plywood. The first reason is that since you’re not going to be covering up these subfloors, you want them to look good. Secondly, BCX Plywood is durable and of much better quality compared to C and D grade plywood. Hence, you won’t have to worry about your floors getting damaged every now and then. Lastly, BCX Plywood is much easier to clean. Since it has lesser number of splits or knots, dirt is less likely to get trapped in it.

Using BCX Plywood For Exterior

If you wish to use plywood for an outdoor project you need to make sure that it can withstand different elements including harsh weather conditions. The X in BCX Plywood indicates that it has been manufactured to withstand a little moisture. However, to increase its durability, BCX Plywood must be covered up with something that is water resistant for example bricks or sidings. Therefore, this type of plywood can only be used in places that will not be in direct contact with water.

Still, if you wish to the use BCX Plywood for your exterior, make sure that it has been pressure treated. This way your plywood will be more resistant to rot, termites and fungus. Moreover, it will be able to survive for a long period of time without the need of being coated with a protective finish. Secondly, choose a Marine Grade Plywood. Marine Grade Plywood do not have knots in them so, you won’t have to worry about your project becoming a victim to moisture which can lead to early rot.

Choosing The Right Type of Plywood

Whether your project is successful or not no doubt depends on the type of plywood that you choose to use. In order to differentiate between the different types of plywood, you must thoroughly study the elements and characteristics of each type carefully .Just because an A grade plywood is of good quality doesn’t mean that it is good for exterior projects. In contrast, D grade plywood which is of low quality might be a good option for building an exterior. Similarly, some plywoods are more resistant to rot than others. The technicality lies in understanding your needs and corresponding to them by choosing the type of plywood that suits your project needs the best.

Consider the scoring system for plywood before choosing the type you want to use for your kitchen cabinets or your subfloors.

It is never too late to make the right choice for your next project.

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