Baltic Birch Plywood Near Me: Why You Need to Choose It?

baltic birch plywood near me

The birch tree includes various species that have different shades of logs from snow white to cinnamon brown, depending upon the terrain settings and climate conditions of the surrounding environment. Its barks and extracts are highly sought in all the parts of the world, because it can be used for a diverse range of industries and fields. If you are looking for durable baltic birch plywood near me, then keep on reading this article, so that you can make an informed buying decision. These trees are often grown abundantly in the Northern Hemisphere regions of Europe, where it can be found in shrubby clusters all over the soil. The multiple ply layers make it capable of withstanding heavy load and strong pressure without breaking apart. The noticeable curvature in its inner layers makes it a perfect choice for the manufacturing purpose of skateboards, which are prone to being subjected to form curved angles.

Baltic Birch Plywood Near Me

Birch veneers are tightly compressed together, which leaves out no place for any major voids or gaps between the sheets. The level of thickness is uniform in all the sheets bonded together, and this gives this product highly consistent dimensions. The stacked line pattern can be observe on either sides of each board, as it is achieved by setting up the grains perpendicular to each adjacent veneer sheet. They are highly resistant to chipping and deteriorating from the edges, because both the top-most sides are covered with substantially thick sheets.

Grading System of Wood Quality

Giving standard grades to the both the sides of the veneer sheets makes it easier for the contractor and property investors to identify the most suitable option for the construction phase.

B-grade is given to supreme quality birch wood sheets that have no voids or loose slits near the edges. They are perfect for home improving projects that require aesthetically appealing products with detailed finish.

BB-grade is considered a fairly high-quality grading unit, which is given to compressed sheets that have minimum defects in them. It requires to be repaired after being installed in a humid climate surrounding or region.

CP-grade is manufactured to be used for lamination purpose, as it proves to be sturdy enough as a front covering of a loosely attached sheet.

C-grade is said to contain an uncountable number of knots and split edges, which makes it the best choice to be placed in foundational structure of furniture items.

Top Reasons Why It is Highly Sought After in The Market

The exterior grade lamination of these veneer sheets have water-proof features, which make it the best option to be used for rooms of the house that are more susceptible to water damage, such as kitchen and toilet. For its easy machinability and grip strength, it is known to retain its shape without being damaged due to the wear and tear effects of the weather elements.

Superior Screw-Holding Strength

A void-free and stocky built of these wooden boards give them an extraordinary capability of firmly gripping the nails and screws in their place without displacing after some period of time. Because of the fact that the internal core of birch plywood doesn’t contain any secondary raw material, this gives it a robust quality of retaining its unique dimensions and shape regardless of the amount of heavy load placed on top of it.


The strength of its core is reinforced by the application of multiple veneer layers, which are uniform in terms of dimensions and thickness. This consistency of structure makes it highly durable for the application of various cabinetry projects that require the same size and weight of boards to complete architecture.

Aesthetic Appeal

Featuring an eye-catching color shading and uniform grain pattern, it can be considered a highly glamorous option for home renovation and kitchen revamping phases. You no more have to go through the hassle of applying edge tapes or banding to hide the split sides, because its edges are beautiful in appearance and can be left uncovered to add a more natural look in your modern household décor.

Clean Joinery

Because of the absence of any structural voids in its core, this doesn’t cause the adhesive material to be quickly eaten up by the internal layer of the soft wood. The joints are firmly retained, and they don’t shift their position with minor movement or pressure. This fine joinery also makes the cohesive quality of the glue inserted between the veneer layers, which in turn help it retain its original condition even after being installed in final products for many years.

Thicker Face Veneer

Unlike conventional cabinet-grade plywood material that are made out of flimsy veneers layers their baltic birch counterparts have thick shapes. The face and back boards have more width than the layers that are sandwiched between them. This makes this marine plywood highly sturdy and robust that can bear heavy loads and weights without forming any angles or curves with its sheets. This way, its durability is maximized and it has a noticeable longer lifespan than its traditional counterparts in the market.

Competitive Pricing

These hardwood plywood products, which are native to north eastern parts of Europe, can be easily available all over the world, because they are being imported and exported at a rapid pace. This increase in its transaction has set favorable market equilibrium for the buyers, as it can be bought at cheap price in bulk quantity. It is considered a go-to raw material for most small-scale renovation projects, and you can conveniently negotiate its amount according to your current budget.

High Strength And Stability

No plywood material is immune to deformity after being exposed to a humid climate for several months, and baltic birch ply is no different. But it has an added advantage over its other counterparts, because of the cross-banded layers that promote smoothness in its outer layers. This means, that it would not shrink rapidly once it has absorbed some amount of liquid.

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