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I thought I had gotten over pitying Windows users (I’m bigger than that now), but then I read “How I learned to stop worrying and tolerate Vista.”  It is the saddest piece of tech journalism I have ever read.

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The author, Stephen Williams, has been so worn down by experience that he has no positive expectations of Windows anymore, but no willingness to try alternatives either.  He projects a kind of bovine acceptance of absurdities like needing 2GB of RAM to run a barely functioning Vista system… and still needing to root around to turn off unnecessary services and crapware.

It’s time to leave that gulag behind, Stephen, and come home to a place where you will never need to dick around with Windows memory management again: Linux.  2GB on your new Sony laptop would give you a blazing Linux system for most purposes.  Ubuntu 8.04 is the easiest version for newbs, and you can get remarkable performance out of much older systems with clever versions like PuppyLinux.

Does Linux require a little more learning on your part? It used to be I’d say something like “Yes, but instead of learning how to defeat the operating system, you’ll be learning how to use it.”  However, Ubuntu has gotten so slick I don’t think that’s even true anymore.  Just try it, and you’ll never need to see this again.

photo by mark turner, licensed under creative commons, see http://flickr.com/photos/markturner/384439103/

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