My tiny house

tiny house with finished front facade and landscaping

I converted my detached garage to a nice 400-square foot house for my mother-in-law to live in. I was kind of impresario or “developer” for the project, which was rather more complex than 400 square feet might suggest, but the cool results (especially that dishrack :) made it all worthwhile.  It cost approximately $73,000, which includes permits, design fees, and city systems development charges. The architect was John Perkins.

Here follows a listing of all the posts about the project, in chronological order.

The floor plans and my code problems with the city

Construction begins

Design considerations: an extra foot makes a difference

Design considerations: the necessary loft

Design considerations: skylights

***Tour of the finished inside***

The little patio outside

The alternating tread stairs

After five years, only a few things I would change

After six years, refurnished for a new purpose

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