My tiny house project: finally some light
January 27, 2007, 10:32 pm by bottleman. Filed under: my tiny house project, tiny houses.

It’s been a while since I reported on this project, since construction has been too active to let me easily get in and take photos. Though a few key windows are still obstructed (notably a circular detail window which you should see in the big triangular wall, below), these shots show that all the ideas I’ve talked about in previous posts are starting to work. This place is going to feel and live bigger than its roughly 280-square foot footprint.

That’s important, because if smaller dwellings are going to fulfill their environmental promise, it has to be more than just possible to live in them. Those fickle Homo sapiens have to want to live in them too.

Note: float mouse over photos to see descriptive info.

looking forward from back of loft

main floor, looking forward from back of kitchen

looking into apartment from front door

of course the outside still looks like a construction site

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I have been watching your progress and am impressed with what a nice job you are doing with your project~ I especially like the small touches that add so much, the curved wall and the lights in the ceiling. These details take more time and $ but pay off in the long run and so are well worth the extra.

Comment by Lanni Johnson on 28.01.2007 um 3:01 pm