Bottleworld 30th post extravaganza
November 11, 2006, 4:57 pm by bottleman. Filed under: bottleworld.

I guess Jess and I partied just a little too hard after the Dem’s big victories on Tuesday night, because I’m still feeling under the weather. What is the saying? “wine and liquor, never sicker”? “liquor and beer, in the clear”? “wine and coke, such a dope”? Whatever it is, I got it wrong.

photo by flickr user alexandralee, thanks! licensed under creative commons. see

Give us a few days to get up off the floor and return to finish off our battle of the environmental blogs. In the meantime, enjoy these fine posts from our hoary past: #1, and #2. Cheers!

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arg. It’s an epiDEMic.

Stay tuned for my next installment in our attempt to praise all god’s goofy bastards, great and small

Comment by Jess on 12.11.2006 um 10:20 am

wow, that photo makes me nostalgic… i used to live in a 400 sq ft studio with 3 dudes, and sometimes a girl and her dog. that was pretty much the scene every night, except charles shaw was not around, so carlo rossi was the best option. i don’t think anyone could afford foster’s, or even marlboro–more likey was schlitz, and old golds. too bad i didn’t have a camera at the time, or perhaps it’s for the better…

Comment by peter on 30.11.2006 um 1:19 pm