The best environmental blogs: A to EcoRazzi
October 23, 2006, 12:33 am by Jess. Filed under: best environmental blogs, reviews.

It’s been a long road, fraught with botched triple salchows, flesh-colored wardrobe malfunctions, and ice-shattering “Why me”s, but we are finally ready to share with you the enviro blog reviews from the first quarter of the alphabet.

Remember that any blogs that don’t allow comments, post infrequently, or are attached to an official news organization, were disqualified.

Honorable mentions:

Tired of that anti-chicken little who rants on 6th and Main everyday that the sky is not thickening? A Few Things Ill Considered has a very thorough How to Talk to a Global Warming Skeptic section.

Two sites that made me venture out of my bug-hugging mindset:

The Commons Blog, a free-market environmentalism blog named after Garrett Hardin’s essay “The Tragedy of the Commons” (isn’t that kind of like naming a book on heartbreak Love and then crediting inspiration for the title to the J. Geils Band song “Love Stinks”?). I can’t buy the argument here, which is that private ownership of land inspires stewardship of that land’s resources (which resources are we talking about? trees? precious metals? flat, houseworthy lots?). But there’s a long suggested reading list and a footnoted overview of free-market environmentalism which I found interesting.

EcoGeek, a well-designed blog that reports on technological advances that help the environment. Reading about a plankton-and-dissolved-oxygen-powered submarine, a hand dryer that blows at 400mph, and a Japanese rail line powered by commuters’ footsteps, makes my heart brimmeth over for Homo sapiens.

And the three who will advance to the next round?

Cut Oil Imports
A pro-alternative energy blog that frames the need for alt energy as an economic and national security concern. Opinionated commentary that usually links to more than one article/book. The best thing is that the blog is a part of an entire site that discusses the importance of alt energy, proposes detailed solutions, and offers tips to the individual consumer.

A gutsy, well-informed blog started by a PR professional that “exists to clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change.” There is a team of writers, each with his/her own blog; I found Jim Hoggins’ (the founder) posts most compelling.

City Hippy
The green magazine that’s got it together.

(Reviewed today:)

A Few Things Ill Considered
African American Environmentalist Association
Alternative Energy Blog
Alternative Energy – Renewable Energy
Another Chance to See
City Hippy
Clean Air Watch
Climate Science
Commons Blog
Cut Oil Imports
Dave’s Blog

“post infrequently” – does once every two weeks count? As it takes about 2 weeks to research each Earth Blog post can I plead leniency?


Comment by Keith on 23.10.2006 um 6:43 am

Hey Keith- thanks for checking in. I’ll give Earth Blog my own read when I go through the next round of blogs, those with titles starting with letters roughly E-H. Cheers, bottleman.

Comment by bottleman on 23.10.2006 um 9:25 am

that is a wonderful analogy, for the commons blog. all you really need to know about that site is that they feature the one and only, randall o’toole (aka, rot), known for travelling all over the country pedaling misleading statistics on the danger, and inefficiency of light-rail. some think he’s an idiot, i think he is brilliant. he can take literally any statistic on any subject, and use it to prove the either a) light rail will make that problem worse, or b) use it to prove that light rail will fail. he also has a legion of followers able to espouse his litany as if their lives depended on it.

yes, based on that alone, you can write this site off as greenwash. it is a “free market” fundamentalist site with environmentalist window dressing. there are other sites that honestly address the idea of market based solutions to environmental problems, such as the one i think bottleman reviewed, (though there *are* a couple AGW deniers there).

in order to buy their argument that “private ownership of land inspires stewardship of that land’s resources”, you have to understand where they are coming from: they think private ownership of everything is the solution to everything. one thing they get right is that historically, the government has given a big helping hand to the extraction/pollution industries… think oil depletion allowances, well below market rate mining/drilling rights on public land, paving roads into public forests, grandfathering in big polluters, limiting liability, etc. however, “post hoc ergo propter hoc”, does not cut it here, the government is guilty, but private owners are not therefore innocent. (the government’s biggest assist to polluters actually came through legal changes in tort law during the early industrial era that transformed the common law tradition to limit liability in favor of economic use of property. but you don’t see any libertarians advocating for a return to common law, do you? no they was poetic over the coase theorem).

the reason i know so much about, and am so very intolerant of, libertarians is only because i used to be one, and i have to constantly fight off that impulse. kind of like how most homophobes are actually a little bit gay, i guess. anyway, ever wonder why libertarian rants are so cheap and pervasive on the internet? because the supply is way greater than the demand! hey wait, i thought people were only motivative by profit incentive in the free market? there’s something wrong with this equation… :) i can’t believe i just wrote that much on this subject. keep the reviews coming!

Comment by peter on 27.10.2006 um 1:51 am

ever wonder why libertarian rants are so cheap and pervasive on the internet? because the supply is way greater than the demand!

{chuckle snort snort}

Comment by bottleman on 27.10.2006 um 11:52 pm