Announcement: we dig a good screed
September 26, 2006, 11:13 am by bottleman. Filed under: best environmental blogs, bottleworld.

When you start a a new writing project it’s natural to spend a lot of time checking out the competition. Who has little to say, and who awes you with their wit and savvy?

And for myself, I spend time thinking about how this genre of writing can and should be different than journalism, magazine features, etc.

Here at bottleworld we’re trying, slowly but surely, to do something original and worthwhile, and on occasion I think we succeed. At the same time we’ve initiated a major new project: a review of other environmental blogs out there. We’re not just going to list them, we’re actually going to read them and rate them according to some insidious system of our own devising, and find the champions, be they ever so humble, like the good old Kenora Thistles.

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Yes, it’s a competition, with the prize being “props”! And maybe a bag of Stumptown coffee. I’m not sure yet what the prizes and criteria are going to be, but I’ve discovered this in my explorations so far: I like it when bloggers mix passion for a subject with an honest attempt at analysis — rather than just theorizing about principles, they get down and dirty in the subject with direct hands-on experience OR use of real primary data, not just news reports.

In that context here’s a big shout-out to James (with theEngineerPoet) at Alternative Energy Blog for his recent screed about the distraction of E85/ethanol as transportation fuel. I feel sympathetic to his position, but what I really dug was his combo of numbers and opinion and the ensuing lively discussion.

So here’s the big list of sites we’re going to read, culled from and blogrolls. Suggestions for additions are welcome. Our first set of reviews will be posted in a week or so. In the meantime, please enjoy the regular programming on this site.

African American Environmentalist Association
Alternative Energy Blog
Alternative Energy – Renewable Energy
Another Green World
Carl Pope
City Hippy
Clean Air Watcht
Climate Science
Commons Blog
Cut Oil Imports
Daily Score
Dave’s Blog
Eco Street
Energy Priorities
Environmental and Urban Economics
Environmental Economics
Great Green Goods
Green Car Congress
Green GOP
Green Ground Zero
Green LA Girl
Greenpeace Weblog
Green Thinkers
Green Trust
GroovyGreen blog
Hippy Shopper
House Hacker
How To Save The World
Ideal Bite
It’s getting hot in here
It’s the Environment, Stupid
Joel Makower
Kevin Kelly
Lazy Environmentalist
Life Begins at 30
Measuring Sustainability
Peak Oil News
Practical Environmentalist
Renewable Energy Access
Renewable Energy Law Blog
Sierra Club Compass
That’s Fit
The Earth Blog
The Energy Blog
The Evangelical Ecologist
The Good Human
The Greener Side
The Green Skeptic
The Oil Drum
The Scientific Activist
Triple Pundit
Vestal Design Blog
Viridian Design Movement
Worsted Witch

Wow! I’ve always wanted to be rated by an insidious sytem of mysterious devising — Bring it on! :P

Comment by green la girl on 26.09.2006 um 4:38 pm

so i decided to check out a few of those blogs, and the first one i looked at, African American Environmentalist Association was quite a shocker. the first post praises wal-mart–which is not too weird i guess, but seems unlikely on a enviro blog. the second post, however, blew my mind. it post praising the bush administration, and conservative republicans for their “important work on climate change initiatives”!?! all the while criticizing liberal democrats for their publicity stunts on the subject.

the initiatives he links to may or may not contain real policies that would affect greenhouse gases, but i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. however, at a time where “conservative republicans” (including richard branson???) are using federal policy to increase the number of coal-burning power plants, believing the initial claim requires more than a little cognitive dissonance.


Comment by peter on 28.09.2006 um 12:29 am

ps – i noticed you had the right-wing Commons blog on your list, but not the leftish On the Commons. not surprisingly, the former is not really interested in “the commons”, it is interested in privatizing the commons, and contains a lot of greenwash (but not completely). the latter is more on topic, but expands well beyond just environmentalism.

Comment by peter on 28.09.2006 um 12:40 am

yeah, i noticed the rightish tilt of the AAEA blog, but hey, it calls itself an environmental blog, so it’s in the running. i will add On The Commons. thnks!

Comment by bottleman on 28.09.2006 um 12:44 am

Screed we never said Richard Branson was a conservative Republican. Only that he is promoting ‘feel good’ ineffectual programs for the most part. Like his good friends Bill Clinton and Al Gore – - nothing done for 8 years.

Comment by Norris McDonald on 28.09.2006 um 4:27 am


hey, i didn’t mean to imply that there was a problem with their rightish tilt, just the greenwashing.


sorry, looks like i did not read the last paragraph, and mistakenly included ranson on the “practical programs” side. ethanol is definitely highly questionable at this point.

Comment by peter on 29.09.2006 um 10:01 am

Excited to even be promised to be looked at (such is my rich and varied life).

Hope you enjoy my sprawling ideas, bottleman. I’m not a prolific blogger, more of a lone ideas person, and this week might be my toughest assignment yet – visit soon.


Comment by Keith on 23.10.2006 um 6:38 am

Sad to see our little Environmental Economics blog called “Globalisation and the Environment” being entirely ignored :-) The only thing worse than being talked about….

Comment by Rob Elliott on 28.10.2006 um 12:35 pm

Very useful list! – but not complete without ;)

Comment by Lars Smith on 29.10.2006 um 12:53 am

rob and lars – thanks for stopping by. we will try to work you into the next round of review. we still have half the alphabet to go through so we’ll throw you in somehow. i haven’t read your sites yet so i haven’t the slightest idea what we’ll say, if anything, but i promise you we will read. cheers, bottleman

Comment by bottleman on 29.10.2006 um 1:07 am

Thanks! It’s an honor to have made it onto your list. The Vestal designers and I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback! We’re always looking for suggestions to help us improve!

Comment by Mike Lin on 15.11.2006 um 10:42 pm

Thanks for including my blog The Green Skeptic on your list. I will do my best to live up to your high standards, and you can give me a hip-check if I stray.

Wonderful to be included on the same page as the Kenora Thistles. Ol’ time hockey, indeed!

Comment by Scott Edward Anderson on 29.11.2006 um 9:09 pm