An attic playroom
March 27, 2009, 9:36 am by bottleman. Filed under: design, diy, kids.

I refit this end of the attic in my 1922 house as a play area for my son.  I wanted this attic to continue to feel like an attic, even though I was finishing it off.  So I did the walls and ceiling in tongue & groove beadboard, a material which was also used when the house was built.  It has new fireproofing and insulation underneath.  Other features inlcude: marmoleum sheet scraps for flooring, with soft padding underneath; an antique star-mullioned window to suggest a sunset; a Velux roof window for emergency egress; low-temperature LED light fixtures; a verdant-brand thermostat with an occupancy sensor, controlling a “hydronic” baseboard heater; and a tent-sized nap bay.

    More pics on flickr.

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    What an amazing space for a kid to fill with all his imaginings. It is beautiful, what a great job!

    Comment by nestra on 10.04.2009 um 5:54 pm

    This is beautiful… the little nap bay too…what a lucky we boy!

    Comment by gudrun on 10.04.2009 um 7:59 pm

    Love, love, love this space! Sebastian is one lucky kid…it’s beautiful. (Came from Larissa’s blog)

    Comment by Liane on 11.04.2009 um 6:06 am

    Love the whole thing, as I said on Flickr I really love the nap area best. Great job!!

    Comment by mia on 11.04.2009 um 10:59 am

    Superb!! Even as an adult I would love to have my own secret attic hideaway! I live in a 1910 bungalow – with a secret window that we cannot access from inside. It is just begging to have you come and discover its secrets…

    Comment by junglygirl on 11.04.2009 um 8:24 pm

    it is beYootiful. looks warm, calm, strong and enveloping.

    Comment by kelli ann on 13.04.2009 um 6:20 pm

    What a lucky boy! Beautiful job.

    Comment by Harper on 15.04.2009 um 10:26 am

    What LED lights did you use — I’m trying to find some in FL stores — nothing…. :( Portland is greener :) Or did you have to order online? Thx.

    Comment by Scott on 13.06.2009 um 2:00 am

    Scott- good question. Currently many hard-wireable LED light fixtures are high end items with big price tags.

    Instead I used GE “linkable” undercabinet lights, which I bought at Home Depot. Can’t find them on the Home Depot web site, but here’s one link: . Home Depot’s price was cheaper.

    Two of these lights are plenty bright at night. This picture shows how skinny they are: and this picture shows what they look like from underneath:

    These aren’t hard-wired fixtures, just plug-ins, but I did a little rewiring — with an electrician consulting, of course — so they can be turned on and off remotely.

    Comment by bottleman on 13.06.2009 um 10:32 am

    Hi! We just built an addition onto our Portland home and included a playroom space in the attic similar to yours for our daughter, complete with skylight (except we just finished the walls with sheetrock). How does your son access your space? That is the question we’re asking ourselves now.

    Comment by emily on 05.05.2011 um 3:01 pm