Off topic: plug for Health Care Bankruptcy Blog
November 29, 2007, 11:45 pm by bottleman. Filed under: off-topic.

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That blog’s name says it all. Here’s the link.

Best environmental books for the holidays: two to stretch your mind
November 27, 2007, 12:38 am by bottleman. Filed under: best environmental books, reviews.

One of the basic problems of living a relatively high quality of life (with central heating, tasteful interior lighting, 24-hour grocery stores, UPS deliveries, hot and cold running pharmaceuticals, and so on — none of which I am going to give up, by the way) is that, practically by definition, it tends to isolate us from natural cycles and dynamics. We’re not swimming naked, at the whim of clouds and currents.

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My laptop can kick your laptop’s ass (not that it has any need to, of course)
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In general, machismo is the sign of a loser. Think of some truly powerful people — Louis the XIV, the British Admiralty (once upon a time anyway), Tom Cruise, a Pope of your choice, even, for god’s sake, Rummy in his prime. Every one has a suspiciously feminine, manicured cleanliness. They all show off more than a patch of pale skin as they sway down a line between the momentous and the monstrous. It’s only the people they conquer that need to drink a lot, work out with weights, wave guns, and put on snarly faces. …more

Alien zoology: would that legwarmer look good on me?
November 9, 2007, 2:27 pm by bottleman. Filed under: alien zoology, love those goofy b*st*rds.

I often wonder: Why do humans invent things? Why do we have culture?

Let’s face it, all we really need to do is eat and copulate. Why do we bother with so much more than that? To an outside observer, say an alien zoologist, what could possibly explain all the details in the following picture?

bike photo from Library of Congress Bain Collection

Who are these humans, he/she/it ponders? What are their machines? What, particularly, is the significance of the fuzzy ball on the cap of the human at the right? Is he, perhaps, a priest? …more

Halloween: I went as a green roof
November 1, 2007, 10:24 am by bottleman. Filed under: holidays.


I hatted up with a green roof made of bent scrap metal, a welder’s facemask harness, and some plants from my half-assed “ecolawn”.

A few people got it. Mostly kids. “You’re a house!” they exclaimed. “Yes, I’m a house,” I confirmed.

Here I power past a lackadaisical Draculess, in search of beer. The badge on my shirt says “Ask me about… DRAINAGE.”