Off topic: Sometimes people just suck
December 13, 2006, 5:37 pm by bottleman. Filed under: off-topic.

Despite my previous optimism, I may need to change my mind about the potential of the human race. As these top-secret commercial surveillance photos show, mental constipation still plagues our species and may yet doom us all.

So, why is this lovely play structure deserted?

surveillance photo of play structure

It may have something to do with this encouraging notice:

surveillance photo of sign on play structure


My tiny house project: the necessary loft
December 7, 2006, 10:58 pm by bottleman. Filed under: design, my tiny house project, tiny houses.

One of the most common (and appealing) tricks in tiny house construction is removing ceiling joists to expose the attic volume, creating a “cathedral ceiling.” In McMansions such extra space can be cold and regal, but within a small frame it gives the eye some room to travel and permits the addition of a sleeping or storage loft.

Consider this before and after pair from my garage-to-granny-house conversion:

garage interior before ceiling joist removalgarage interior after joist removal and rough framing of loft

Nothing in the dimensions of the building has been changed, but there is clearly much more usable space in the “after” version.

However, in a conversion, you can’t just knock out joists willy-nilly; the place might fall down.