Beauty and the Beach: Cape Wind, Part I
August 31, 2006, 12:44 am by Jess. Filed under: energy, making a difference.

I’m from Cape Cod, and I’ve never liked it when the ocean is interrupted. I like my view of the ocean to be cut short only by the curve of the earth, not by some meddling chunk of land or anything like that. It’s easier to feel continuous with the ocean if I can see a continuous ocean.

Simulated view of turbines from Cotuit, the closest shore

The 130 giant wind turbines proposed for a site six miles off the shore, the power from which would supply 75% of the Cape and Islands’ electricity, would definitely interfere with my oceanic feeling. The fossil fuel-burning power plant in my hometown of Sandwich, which currently supplies almost half of the region’s electrical power, is certainly less conspicuous. I vaguely remember the plant’s smokestack coming into view on each trip to the A&P. I grew up with the belief that it had something to do with Santa Claus, but I never thought much about it.


Paper vs. plastic vs. something that ACTUALLY makes a difference: green power
August 25, 2006, 2:35 pm by bottleman. Filed under: energy, making a difference.

As every environmentalist knows, it can be fun to indulge in being superior. There’s that lofty, erudite feeling you have — my lifestyle is more pious than your lifestyle — when you see a fellow citizen doing the wrong thing (whatever that is).

link to green power provider

Here’s where I fall into the sin of eco-smugness: …more

Closed ecological systems: It’s tough being God
August 1, 2006, 1:05 pm by bottleman. Filed under: closed ecological systems.

Yesterday morning I got up and muddled through the morning as usual: turned on the coffee maker, let out the dog, and tried to read the paper as the baby gleefully destroyed the living room. I was grateful when he finally went down for his nap about 11:00 AM. That’s when it dawned on me that I had missed something — I had forgotten to turn on the sun. See, I’ve recently become God!

thanks to flickr member msanthea for the image, licensed under creative commons -- see

Or a god of a sort. I’ve created some “closed ecological systems” — ecosystems sealed in bottles — just to see if I could keep a little world “in balance.” Here’s the recipe… …more