The best environmental blogs: EcoStreet through H, and a few out of order
October 25, 2006, 12:14 am by bottleman. Filed under: best environmental blogs, reviews.

People with awful jobs often have great senses of humor. Try hanging out with some longtime jail guards or social workers and getting them talking. They’ve seen it all, man, and they just have to laugh about it. If you’re at a conference of psychiatrists, crash the “forensics” table: the docs that deal with really sick violent people all day. The probability is high you’ll have a blast — while over at the “therapists to the healthy and alienated” table, that p fast approaches zero.

photo by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid at . Licensed under Creative Commons.

That’s what I was thinking this week as I read through recent entries at two surprisingly entertaining sites about economics. …more

The best environmental blogs: A to EcoRazzi
October 23, 2006, 12:33 am by Jess. Filed under: best environmental blogs, reviews.

It’s been a long road, fraught with botched triple salchows, flesh-colored wardrobe malfunctions, and ice-shattering “Why me”s, but we are finally ready to share with you the enviro blog reviews from the first quarter of the alphabet.


Little house on a small planet (book review)
October 18, 2006, 1:01 am by bottleman. Filed under: reviews, simple living, tiny houses.

A lot of people are dreaming about downsizing their dwellings these days. Smaller houses go with a simpler, more rural life… and hopefully freedom from debt and “the Man.”

Naturally they’re turning to books for ideas about how to build or set up their new place. Print is still superior to the internet for providing thematic collections of photographs and drawings, and a book about dwellings can and should be something of a “wish book” for the reader… something they stay up to look at, under the covers with a flashlight if necessary.

image of cover of book LITTLE HOUSE ON A SMALL PLANET

Accordingly I was excited to receive a review copy of Little House on a Small Planet (Lyons Press, 2006), by Shay Salomon, with photographs by Nigel Valdez.

This wasn’t just because I love receiving free swag (note to all: please send more). I’ve also been frustrated by the scattershot bibliography of the small-house movement. …more

Left to Die on the Vine (Movie Review)
October 6, 2006, 10:13 am by redpen1000. Filed under: films, reviews.

Left to Die
Produced by Elizabeth Atly
Video Viva
66 minutes

FEMA photo of post-Katrina situation at Causeway & I-10, new orleans

Wednesday, September 27, and I arrived by bike over 40 minutes late for the premiere of Left to Die at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon. I assumed the long line outside was for This Film Is Not Yet Rated, the other indie documentary advertised in red block letters on the nonprofit theater’s marquee.

Instead it was for the lesser hyped film, one that chronicles the personal experiences of those that suffered the so-called “Causeway Concentration Camp” …more